Our Services

Lucidian Partners provide a range of business services focused on early stage ventures and SMEs in varying stages of incubation, growth, and expansion. These services include:

Corporate Services

Lucidian Partners provides a range of corporate services to start-up enterprises with the aim of delivering structure and growth to those operations.

The groups corporate services team guides early stage start-up ventures through the planning processes with the aim of delivering improved business performance, enhanced shareholder value, and the creation of a competitive and sustainable market advantage.

The key corporate services include analysing business opportunities, performing due diligence, developing term sheets, providing strategic advice on business structures and developing growth strategies.

Business Planning

Lucidian Partners specialize in developing business plans that are specifically designed for start-up ventures who require direction and focus and assistance in identifying funding options.

The team work closely with the client to ascertain the desired objectives, determine appropriate structures and funding alternatives. Collaboration being the key to producing a meaningful and practical business plan.

The business plans developed by Lucidian Partners include market research & industry analysis, comprehensive 5-year financial projections, detailed IRR projections, strategic marketing & growth strategies, target market & competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, offer/funding request and exit strategies.

Venture Capital

The corporate services team at Lucian Partners will assist start-up ventures to Identify sources of venture capital, prepare the necessary disclosure documents, prepare pitch decks and negotiate term sheets.

Lucidian Partners has relationships with a number of fund managers in the venture capital and private equity industry. They are able to assist clients identify and secure the most appropriate source of capital in order to meet their business objectives.

The type of capital will be determined by the financial and commercial position of the business, and current market conditions. Lucidian Partners works closely with its clients to evaluate the most appropriate capital raising strategy.

Market Research

Lucidian Partners has a highly qualified and experienced research team that is focused on assisting start-up ventures identify and quantify target markets, analyse competitors and monitor market trends. Our team uses market-research techniques that encompass both qualitative as well as quantitative techniques.

Our market research team can conduct ‘Primary Research’ including information gathered from original sources such as surveys, face-to-face interviews, focus groups, customer feedback and questionnaires. It also conducts ‘Secondary Research’ including information and data that has already been collected and analysed by other sources such as Australian Bureau of Statistics, industry and trade publications, social media and websites, marketing and consumer lists, newspapers and media and IBISWorld.